By Mystikilla
#73785 We are on a new map, still running 1.5.2 (because Bukkitforge is not up to date).

SOme thing sto note on our new world.

The only build areas are towns, but you can mine in our mining world.
We have a minecart system to travel our map, with biomes built for finding specific pokemon, WE HAVE DISABLED TPAing <--- There is no TPAing, dont come here and complain about it
New Gym Leaders have been promoted, but they are all basically out for a week training their pokemon
Some of the map is still under construction.
By Mystikilla
#79576 We are going to be doing a formal server review. We may be looking for Moderators and Gym/Town Leaders this weekend. This is a great time to start with Pixelmon and get involved in our ever-growing community!