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#51573 This server is FINISHED and RUNNING 24/7

This server is based off a free roam experience with everything a pixelmon trainer could ever want!
The whole concept behind the server is to allow trainers travel to different islands (using warps or riding on your pixelmon) and catch all the pixelmon you could ever want! There are all different unique islands that allow you to have access to all the biomes in minecraft!

On the server there is a currency system based off of time played, so basically a player earns money for being on the server! You can use that currency to buy all your trainer needs, such as food and pixelmon items. Also on the server there are many ranks that players can achieve by spending time and earning them on the server!Further more, there is an arena warp dedicated to battling your pixelmon competitively in a large arena for everyone to watch! However, this is under construction! Still not persuaded? Check it out yourself!

If you are looking for the greatest free roam experience for pixelmon, its on Pixelmon Islands!
Anyone can join! Just follow the rules and there wont be a problem!

Get the server IP here!