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By KonkorFour
#50868 [center]PokéTowns - Pixelmon
Uptime: 24/7 (Besides Updates)[/center]
This isn't a huge server, it's limited at 24 players but if anyone does join and enjoys it I'll be sure to upgrade for more. Since we're new there's no gyms at the moment, since there are no players. If more people come online and play then I will be focusing on finding the best trainers in-game to become trainers for specific types of Pokémon and I will give them the resources to build their own Gyms.

Me and a few friends are on daily, we've caught some decent Pokémon and we're into the game and looking for more people to play with. I haven't figured out how to add a protection mod yet so I haven't designed a fantastic spawn area. We have a few rules though...

    No Player Griefing
    No Stealing Items
    No Bullying
    No Duping/Modding

I'll be very strict against the rules, it's a friendly server aimed at people who want to have fun and enjoy Pokémon as a series and Minecraft. If people try to ruin that experience then I wont hesitate to remove them permanently. So if you're looking for a good server to play on without any limits then please be sure to check us out.


NOTE: You need Custom NPCs - Download Here

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By KonkorFour
#50988 [center]Jobs
    Construction Worker - Required to build a spawn zone, including Pokécenter.
    Police Officer - Lower stage moderator, won't have OP until proven reliable.
    Gym Leader - Once you've captured and trained some decent Pokémon.

You can apply at

    We are currently trying to get BukkitForge to run properly so we can install a block protection plugin.

Contact Us
    If you would like to contact me about job vacancies or just for support, my skype is Jakeb.vl
    Or head to
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By KonkorFour
zuch0698o wrote:abandon bukkit forge use this ... =Main_Page it will replace ur server jar entirely

Thankyou a lot, I didn't manage to get mods working but that works great. We now have NPCMods running.