By imvork
#50195 Hey guys, i have a server up and running. but it is plain vanilla pixelmon.

I want to get a really nice server going but i cannot figure out how to get pixelmon to work with world edit or worldguard or anything!

So is there anyone out there who is familiar with bukkitforge and can help me.

If you can you will automatically get admin rights and lots of other stuff to thank you for your help!

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By DutchKroket
#50202 If this ever becomes a real server, please read the rules and change your servers name.

Didn't remove this because you asked so nicely =D. Good luck on finding someone!
By imvork
#50204 Sorry. Dick move on my side.

Just read them all now. Thanks you :)

You wouldnt happened to know the answers to my questions would you? XD