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By Aligatueur
#49585 Hi !
With my friends, I've opened a little server with Pixelmon. The only thing is we're french, so it's more a french forum, but if you want to try, you can come :3 !

For the moment, we're working on it, we're a few players. We try to improve our server.
We will add Gyms and a League in the future, but we need more people first.

There's a little town with a pokémon center & a pokémart. : We have put a new way to buy items by PNJ (with seeds)

Our server is hosted so the server is open 24/7, with only a Whitelist.
For the moment, we don't have MC+/BukkitForge (because of our hoster but we will fix that in the future)

If you want the adress, you can mp me (for the moment) because of the grief :3
Thanks !