What should be added to the server?


By Articuno437
#51683 Yeah! Make sure to visit me when you get up to the town I am in!

Haaahahhahhaha!!! I can't belive I'm the grass gym leader again!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By Css1234567890123
shadowrokcs90 wrote:IGN:Shadowrocks90
What Gym are you applying for: Bug
Co Gymleader or Gymleader:co gym leader
Why do you want to apply for this gym:well next to water types bug have been my second favorite Pokemon one in particular is Scyther
What would you like to see added to the server: more Pokemon other than that nothing,OK may be attack animation so we can see a water gun fire out would be cool but I'm not complaining about whats already here.
Will you try to abuse your prizes: no what kind of prizes do i get because I'm fair to all people if they beat me then so be it
Will you respect staff:yes i will respect the staff with whole hearten loyalty

Time Zone:MST...I live in AZ
Previous Staff?: none

Accepted, the server is open now, get the IP from the main post!

We will have Emerald give you your pokes, or somebody who is on the staff.
By bookwormmermaid
#51692 Wow this server sounds really great. I just learned about pixelmon and i fell in love with it but i really wanted a multiplayer experiance. So I'm definitely going to check it out.
By DritzDuhSexy
#51744 IGN: DritzDuhSexy
Can write good stories or short dialogue easily to make a good conversation with NPC?: If the town i put the quest in inspires me well enough then i can make a really good quest.
Do you have good grammer?: Yes, I do. In school I never make a mistake in my grammer.
Do you understand custom NPC's well and how long have you used it?: I understand custom NPCs well enough and i've used it for about 6 months.
What type of quest would you like to add?: Something that would benefit in a players pokemon journey.
By Mitcch
#51748 Ign: Miitcch

What gym are you applying for: fire gym

Co gymleader or gymleader: Co gl

Why do you want to apply for the gym: I am highly interested in fire type pokemon since a young age. I'm skilled when it comes to them, and I have a lot of experience being a gl, let alone a co gl, on different servers. I can be fairly active when I'm not at work, and I have also developed a liking to the server. I'm highly skilled when it comes to being a trainer and I would love to help out with the server anyway I can.

What would you like to see added to the server: Maybe a level cap for a trianer's pokemon when challenging a gym. Buy able houses would be a nice addition and the coin exchange in the pokemon marts could be ATMs. That would be cool.

Would you try to abuse prizes: I don't like the fact of abusing. If you can do nothing legitly, den y play?

Will you respect staff: yes

Age: 17

Timezone: CST