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By Kuwoobie
#57844 I will add saplings to the "Free" signs at the survival spawn I think.

Also. We have an opening for Viridian City Gym Leader. All that have applied please speak to Kuwoobie in game.

By Waterboyr
#57846 Okay so there was some incident with this guy with a name similar to XxXCreeperXxX or something and another guy. I listened to him and the other guy and it was obvious XxXCreeperXxX was not lying and the other guy was so if the creeper guy posts on the forums he isn't lying...
By Waterboyr
#57854 Okay so the creeper guy was getting mad at this other guy and the other gy said he stole his eevee. The creeper guy said he cheated him. No admins were on so I listened to both stories and found out creeper traded a lv. 80 flareon for a lv. 5 eevee when the other guy said he'd trade another pokemon.
So he must've changed what he traded. He complained that his eevee was stolen. So I said trade back. Then he was like, ummm lets just put this in the past. He obviously knew the gig was up. So if someone posts on this server's forums about this they are telling the truth. Since no admins were on I told him to post on the forums but I had to leave right after I said that.