By MinimaMoore
#121521 Minecraft Username: MiniClan123

What position are you interested in? : Admin or Mod

What experience do you have with said position? (Have you been an admin/moderator/builder before? I have no past experience with this, but I am always willing to learn and I want to be able to help as much as possible
Do you battle other players a lot in Pixelmon, on Pokemon X/Y or I am a GL on pixelmon so I battle others a lot. I don't currently have pokemon X/Y, so I haven't battled others on that. I battle a lot on PSD and I enjoy it very much, these battles include people from the pixelmon servers.

Please provide links, screenshots or videos (or PokemonShowdown replays) of work you have done in the past related to the position you are applying for: I'm sorry, but i don't know what I can provide as a link/screenshot/video for this application
By Blizzardcreeper
#121548 Minecraft Username: dukejohnston

Age: 14

Pokemon games you own (all): Ruby, Emerald, Leafgreen, Firered, Heartgold, Soulsilver, black, white, black2, white2, X, Y

Experience with NetBattle: None

Experience with I have had many experiances, I am gymleader on a famous league, and I am good at battling with lower used and higher used pokemon.

Are you a part of any Pokemon leagues or communities?: Mainly this one

Why do you want to be a Gym Leader?: To be able to use a single type of pokemon, and I always adored monotype

Will you be able to log in at least once a week for one hour per week to accept challenges?: Yes, I will be on atleast 2 hours a day

How often will you be able to accept challenges outside of your challenge schedule?: I can challenge whenever i'm on unless I say I can't

Are you willing to prepare a team that meets your Gym's specifications? (Type and level cap of 60-- server admins can help you get started): Yes
By kmks_respawn
#121710 Since kanto and johto merged everyones homes where unclaimed and all the cities / spawns / warps where unclaimed.
Kuw probably world guard claim most of it but there still might be something unclaimed.
Such as /warp survival in the johto world. [which was fixed today by kuw] [thanx kuw]
I will either make a thread on these forums about another things being unprotected. [this or league chat]
Also I am missing some items after the merge such as
- 1 Efficiency 4 unbreaking 3 fortune 3 diamond pickaxe
- 1 efficiency 4 unbreaking 3 silktouch 1 diamond pickaxe
- gym badges / tms [mahogany town]
- my 690k dollars from the johto server i will post a screenshot if necessary
By waveriper35_GL
#121778 So recently the merge has happened and I lost all my items from Johto, is it possible to gain my Johto item and house teleport files instead on my kanto ones? Like I want my Johto items and teleports instead of my kanto items and teleports.
Thanks, Waveriper35
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By Kuwoobie
#121971 That was an unfortunate side effect of the server merge. Right now there a lot of problems related to having multiple worlds. Including:

* Dynmap's inability to recognize Johto world for commands
* Loss of Essentials Data for Johto world (Items/warps/etc)
* Any items that were placed into item frames need to be replaced.
* Player confusion over multi world pokemon storage
* Warps
* Error with GriefPrevent claim block limit

We are aware of the problems and working on them today.
By zackattak2001
#121977 Minecraft Name: zackattak2001
Age: 13
Staff I want to be: Builder
Why: I want to be a builder because I have been doing it for a really long time and its one of my favorit things to do. Whatever pops into my head or if someone tells me or if i look at i picture for 5 seconds i build it. So i really would love to be a builder of the staff. :D
By callumwood999
#122100 Age:
How Long Have You Played On The Server:
Not long but i intend to stay a long time.
How Long Can You Play Daily:
3:30 -7;30 and on weekends and holidays most of the day.
Why Should You Join The Staff Team
What is your Minecraft username/IGN? Username:callumwood999

2. How old are you? You must be 16 or older to be allowed to apply for a Gym Leader rank. Please do not lie about your age. We will find out! I am 15 and i am very mature.

3. What time zone do you live in? Just so we know what times you would be able to come on the server.UK

4. How long have you been with the server? If you have not been with the serverfor more than a month please apply on a later date.11 days but i intend on staying a lot lot longer.

5. Have you ever been muted or jailed on pokeheaven? If so then explain your reason for that and your current status:No i have never been muted or jailed on skys or any other servers

6. Have you ever been banned? If so then explain your reason for that and your current status:
Have you been staff on any other servers? You're allowed to include the IP of the servers if you wish.No i have never been banned and i ahve much experience on servers and plugin I have got my own

7. Do you have Skype? This is one of the main requirements if you are willing to become a Staff.Yes;callumwood999

8. How long will you be able to play on the server for each day? You are required to play minimum 2 hours a day.3;30 pm-7:30 Pm on weekends and holidays i will be on most of the day.

9. What is your experience with plugins? Try to give as much detail as possible. This will not affect your application.i have had my own servers and used plugins

Which of the following statements is correct?

1. Staff are allowed to spawn in items for themselves, using spawned items to PvP other players.No

2. Staff can only spawn in items when given permissions or building something for the server.yes

3. Staff are allowed to share items with other players and friends but not for themselves.No

Please read all statements carefully before selecting.

1. There is a problem between two players, one is accusing the other of stealing items while the other one denies it. How do you handle this situation? Please Try to give as much detail as possible.:Fist i would try to establish the truth by trying to find evidence, i would would look in there inventory if i permission and see if they had the items.If one was lying i would maybe give them a few days ban.

2. Why do you think we should choose you as staff instead of anyone else?I feel i have all the qualities to be a good Staff because i am fair and honest and can be trusted to act the best interest of the Server.

3. How can you not only help the server but the community as well?Buy helping other:I would do my best to help other players by sharing my knowledge and advising them on different paths to take

4. Have you had any past experiences as being staff?Yes on my own servers and An other server but unfortunately got closed down due to money.(not advatising)

Thank You
What can you bring to pokeheaven :
I feel i have all the qualities to be a good Staff because i am fair and honest and can be trusted to act the best interest of the Server.I would do my best to help other players by sharing my knowledge and advising them on different paths to take