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By Kuwoobie
#99104 I do not decide who is AGL or Apprentice Gym Leader. Gym Leaders choose their own apprentice. You need to talk to them about it *if* they don't already have an apprentice.
By Rapizu
#101905 Hey!
I've been playing on these servers quite long time now... All I can say for starters is that both of them are great servers with unic community. Yes, As some of you may have noticed Kanto may look bit plain when you compare it to Johto at least... But hey, That's only - I've noticed for now. Staff are doing great work and Gyms are active as well. lvl 60 cap in all gyms may cause some problems to new players, but It truly is best option. It offers challenge to both, Players and leaders. Server has also pretty hard league as well, There's been two champions for now and not too many have defeated gyms.

So... All I can really say is that this server is truly one of best pixelmon servers around. It offers challenge, but at same time it's starter friendly as well.
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By Kuwoobie
#102012 Thanks Rapizu. Right now my focus is on building/fixing Final Heaven which has been neglected a lot lately due to these new Pixelmon servers. Once I get that fixed up I'm going to help jb build on the Johto map. Eventually we will make a new and improved Kanto that is connected with Johto on the same server, and remake the Kanto server as Hoenn.

Eventually Final Heaven, our non-Pixelmon Bukkit server, will serve as a hub for all of our servers and future servers.
By bagebers123
#103203 Hey I'm the Cinnawood apprentice gym leader or an agl. I have spent around 6 months on both of the kanto and johto servers and I can easily say that this server is better then some of the more well known servers like pokeballers, xrpmx13's server, and littlelizard's server. It has a very dedicated staff and community that pushes towards getting to know each other its lots of fun and best of all it makes you into a better pokemon trainer. I can easily say that pokeheaven has improved my pokemon skills while still having lots of fun. So come on down to our Kanto or Johto server and have some fun.
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By Kuwoobie
#103398 Updated Kanto player ranks:

ShanyBaby & Kuwoobie
AutumnxTaylor, Aceheartlove, Skycreeper, Kaizakan, EricaM05, jb24249, WickedestChick, HayzeMalice, steady761, epicbluejayy
Elite Four:


Gym Leaders:

- Pewter City Gym: (Rock Type) Shadowmeire628
- Cerulean City Gym: (Water Type) Icysmooth893
- Vermilion City Gym: (Electric Type) f0n1kz
- Celadon City Gym: (Grass Type) - DazzTugz
- Saffron City Gym: (Psychic Type) ScarNighthood
- Fuchsia City Gym: (Poison Type) SkaaraAD
- Cinnabar City Gym: (Fire Type) steady761
- Viridian City Gym: (Earth Type) Kake23

Apprentice Gym Leaders:

Pewter: - PlanesWalkingGod
Cerulean: Amodace
Vermilion: F0N1KZ
Celadon: - HayzeMalice
Saffron: javierdude
Fuchsia: NightWalkerEx
Cinnabar: JarrenTan
Viridian: Microanteater

Seems to be some openings on Johto. Apply today!

ShanyBaby & Kuwoobie
AutumnxTaylor, Kaizakan, EricaM05, SKYCREEPER1, Jb24249, Aceheartlove, WickedestChick, HayzeMalice, steady761

Elite Four:


Gym Leaders:

Violet City - flying - OPEN
Azalea Town - bug - Zukorius
Goldenrod City - normal - IceHockey_99
Ecruteak City - ghost - Scaffaboy
Cianwood City - fighting - Zkokoth
Olivine City - steel - me_buildsta
Mahogany Town - ice - kmks_respawn
Blackthorn City - dragon - super_miner11

Apprentice Gym Leaders:

Violet City: OPEN
Azalea Town: OPEN
Goldenrod City: bagebers123
Ecruteak City: OPEN
Cianwood City: OPEN
Olivine City: TNT_101
Mahogany Town: CountBlackulla
Blackthorn City: Ryno29
By HayzeMalice
#105226 I've been playing pokemon for some time now. 30 year old man started playing minecraft thanks to my 19 yo GF. Then I discovered Pixelmon dang near crapped my pants! Such an awesome mod with active development.

Kanto/Johto Pokeheaven are the best Poke Servers out there! Such awesome Staff and ever-evolving play and rewards. Open Boss drops and even Shinies! Also Friendly with Pokeradar for those of you looking to make your pokemark
Pokeheaven Kanto/Johto is the place for you!

Administrator and also Celadon Grass AGL you can find me on both Kanto and Johto. Message me on the server if you need any advice/tips/hints or just general help :) TY
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By Kuwoobie
#106070 We now hold Safari Zone events for players to have a chance to catch uncommon and rare pokemon. More info here: ... #p60260418