By Waterboyr
#93491 Hmm suddenly after 1000 double Kuwoobie posts....
People that have never posted before...
Liking the server...
Or the server is getting better.

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By Kuwoobie
#95059 We always apply updates to the server as soon as possible. By the way I will inform all of the admins of this promotion so they will know what's up.
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By Kuwoobie
#95782 [center]Image[/center]

Merry Christmas from Zodiac Gaming! Today only we will be giving away tons of free goodies including free Shiny pokemon on Kanto and Johto and free rare items and goodies on Final Heaven!

Final Heaven:


Tons of free items including god weapons are now available via magical restocking chests under the Christmas tree at spawn! These gifts will only be available until December 26th, 2013 Eastern Standard Time!



Free Shiny Pokemon are now available in the donor store for both PokeHeaven Kanto and Johto servers!

Link to Kanto store:

Link to Johto store: