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By Animalol
#90297 Kuwoobie, please do not post multiple times in a row. I do believe we've told you this before.
Thank you!
By waveriper35_GL
#91342 The server is the best Pixelmon server out there BY FAR, the staff is kind, the players are kind and the ability to fight any gym leader in any order with a cap of level 60 is convenient. The map is huge, filled with adventure and you can even make your own house in which other players cannot touch (well they can but they'll get in trouble if they grief/raid/steal anything).
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By Kuwoobie
#91463 Updating to 2.5.4 now.

Also check out Autumn's lovely winter theme spawn and advent calender.

We will be having a special event on Christmas Day with lots of rare pokemon and item giveaways, and an officially tournament for New Year's Day!