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By Kuwoobie
#68132 * Fixed issue where leafs would not decay in survival wilderness.

* Fixed lag/crash issue caused by auto-saves.

* Donors, gym leaders and moderators can now log in, even when the server is full.

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By Kuwoobie
#70142 Added Apprentice Gym Leader rank:

Gym Leaders are now able to choose an apprentice, or assistant Gym Leader to help them take challengers while they're away. Gym Leaders are to share their badge and TM supply with their apprentice so they may reward players who defeat them in battle. Gym Leaders are now able to use /kits depending on what city they represent to replace their badges they have lost to players. (I will add TMs to the kits later) If you run out of badges or TMs to give to players, contact me and I will give you more.

The purpose of Apprentice Gym Leaders is for players to battle and receive official Pokemon League badges while the master Gym Leader is offline or away.

Rules for Apprentice Gym Leaders:

* Gym Leaders choose their apprentice. Do not apply.

* Should your gym leader leave for more than 10 days or voluntarily retire, the apprentice gym leader will take the title of Gym Leader for that city.

* Apprentice Gym Leaders are not given pokemon or rare candy by Pokemon League Administrators. They must raise their Gym Battle team from scratch.
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By Kuwoobie
#70895 Celadon City has new Game Corner to reflect the one found in Pokemon Red and Blue (and Green) versions! Purchase slot token coins from the counter to play! Odds are 1:100. Prizes include Master Balls, Rare Candy, Super Rods and more!

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By Animalol
#73924 Kuwoobie, please do not post more than one post in a row. If you wish to update your Server, please do so on the Thread and not in the comments. There is a Bump Button.
Thank you!
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By Kuwoobie
Waterboyr wrote:SO should people post after all of his comments so it's okay? .-.

No Waterboyr, the appropriate thing to do is create sock puppet accounts and comment on your own thread telling them how "awesome" their server is. Not naming any names but you've probably seen it :lol:
By Waterboyr
#75027 (How I want to respond): Sock Pupppets can type?
(How I am responding): Yeah lol... I have seen accounts on completely terrible servers go like this is the best one I've ever played on... When the server isn't even 1/12 done.