By Waterboyr
Kuwoobie wrote:I love how we get knocked off the front page by people who post things like:

"Hey everybody join our server its the best ever! (NO IP)"


"Hey our failed server is back (two posts down) wait never mind its not LOL!"

That is the majority of the servers. This is the FIRST one that I have played on that wasn't fake, down, didn't exist yet, went down eventually, or shut down altogether.
Lol I know it sucks. But hey this server is popular. I have had many challenges by many people and I haven't been a gym leader long.

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By Kuwoobie
#60559 Shany and I actually worked extremely hard getting this server set up. We also had a lot of help from Kiracastle, who has her own awesome server by the way.

What helped the most was our experience in running Minecraft servers. Our first server, Final Heaven, just had its One Year Anniversary, and is still going strong!
By Waterboyr
Kuwoobie wrote:Sorry I haven't been active much lately. I just lost my job and have been busy trying to find a new one.

Well then no one will blame you. That's WAY more important then pixelmon.
By Waterboyr
Kuwoobie wrote:About to share my ban list for other servers... Some of the annoying spammer kids are a bit out of hand.

It's not just your server. Since Mineraft came out on Xbox all of these annoying people came to PC.
They are everywhere :o . Lol is it a long list?
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By Kuwoobie
#61728 We actually had over 1000 players banned on Final Heaven (our other server) before we reset the list after our 1 year anniversary.

The list on PokeHeaven has about 20 people banned already for things like spamming, griefing, server disrespect.