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By Kuwoobie
#47367 [center]- Final{¥}Heaven Pixelmon -


Pixelmon Servers:


Check out our live map!


Each vote grants a player one Pokéball and $500 per vote.

- VOTING - ... es-500-per


Youtuber? 500+ subs? Apply for PR Staff position!


* Powerful crash protection
* Functioning Game Corner (Slot machines!) in Goldenrod and Celadon city!)
* Lockette (Protect doors/chests)
* GriefPrevention(Protect your land)
* Dynmap (Live map of the server)
* Economy and shops
* Battle Gym Leaders to collect badges and the Elite 4 to become Pokemon League Champion!
* Build/Mine in Survival
* NEW* Mob Arena!


Win Rare Candy, Pokeballs and more!


ShanyBaby & Kuwoobie
EricaM05, SKYCREEPER1, Aceheartlove, zzFoxy, Eco212, Epicbluejayy, Yophill, Morphtronic, Diego4599, Mr_Link789999

Pokemon Silver/Indigo League President: - DarrenBomb -
Pokemon Hoenn League President: - Dazztugz -

What is Pokemon League President?
The job of the Pokemon League president is keep track of all player ranks, particularly those of Gym Leaders, Apprentice Gym Leaders and Elite 4. They are also charged with helping Gym Leaders and Elite 4 be all they can be in ensuring they present as much of a challenge to players as possible while maintaining a presence of monotype Pokemon supremacy and unique style.

PR Staff Positions:
Youtubers: - OPEN -
Facebook Page Manager: - OPEN -
Tumblr Page Manager: - OPEN -

What does PR Staff do?
PR (Public Relations) Staff has access to our forums and websites. They have the power to arrange and promote special events on the server whereas special pokemon or items or even real life prizes may be awarded to players who win or meet certain requirements. PR staff enjoy the benefits of free Master Rank.

Moderators: Mr_link789999, - Apply today! -

Head Builder Johto/Kanto - SKYCREEPER1
Head Builder Hoenn - Apply Today!
Head Builder Final Heaven - Yophill

Graphic Designers: - OPEN -
What are Graphic Designers?
| Show
Graphic Designers are needed to help create banners, animated gifs and slideshows, Gym Leader character bios and other original artwork. Graphic designers enjoy the benefits of Master rank.


What is a builder?
Builders enjoy the benefits of Master rank and have exclusive access to the server's supply depot where they may stock up on all permitted blocks and items for building. Each builder is assigned a specific region to build in or may build in the wild (depending on their project) cities, buildings and landmarks needed to complete or augment the server's adventure map area which can be relocated when completed. Builders are NOT OP and do NOT have access to creative mode.

Pokemon League Champion (Silver League): OPEN

Elite 4 (Silver League)


Gym Leaders:

- Pewter City Gym: (Rock Type) Megaman986
- Cerulean City Gym: (Water Type) dallas123
- Vermilion City Gym: (Electric Type) shot_monkey
- Celadon City Gym: (Grass Type) - Shadowmeire
- Saffron City Gym: (Psychic Type) pikmin77
- Fuchsia City Gym: (Poison Type) Klark8
- Cinnabar City Gym: (Fire Type) Keono_the_3rd
- Viridian City Gym: (Earth Type) masterfwee

- Violet City - flying - Drayok22
- Azalea Town - bug - hamiehamie
- Goldenrod City - normal - mau030301
- Ecruteak City - ghost - Scaffaboy
- Cianwood City - fighting - Gobian
- Olivine City - steel - sea7619
- Mahogany Town - ice - countblackulla
- Blackthorn City - dragon - Fluffykyomi

Apprentice Gym Leaders:

Pewter: - hessonite
Cerulean: - OPEN
Vermilion: - shadow_sworn
Celadon: - ShanyBaby
Saffron: - lizards867
Fuchsia: -Scarcenasa
Cinnabar: Ironraptor3
Viridian: - OPEN -

Violet City: - Teacupforme
Azalea Town: bhjn12345
Goldenrod City: Air_1345
Ecruteak City: -OPEN-
Cianwood City: OPEN
Olivine City: HappyGalaxy
Mahogany Town: - zachman12345678
Blackthorn City: blair2228

To apply for a staff position, use the template below and submit a reply to this thread! Submitting an application does not guarantee you a position. Submitting an application before someone else does not make you more qualified than the person we choose. Staff are NOT chosen by seniority or based on how long you've been waiting for it. You will not get a "turn" at being admin, etc. We will choose you for a staff position if you are QUALIFIED. Nagging staff for ranks will do nothing but make you less likely to ever have one. You have been warned.


Minecraft Username:

What position are you interested in? :

What experience do you have with said position? (Have you been an admin/moderator/builder before? If so, where? Do you battle other players a lot in Pixelmon, on Pokemon X/Y or

Please provide links, screenshots or videos (or PokemonShowdown replays) of work you have done in the past related to the position you are applying for:



Type /warp survival to build/mine




*Indigo Plateau is complete, and the Elite 4 are hard at work training their pokemon to be the biggest challenge for the one who can rise above and become the very best... that no one ever was.

The position for League Champion cannot be applied for. You must defeat each of the 8 Kanto Gym Leaders (in any order)and receive their badges, travel through Victory Road and defeat the Elite 4. Once you become champion, you must defend your title against other challengers who have also collected the 8 badges and defeated the Elite 4. *



Check our most popular items and more!




Donor ranks are obtained *with* the purchase of other items until certain requirements have been met. You cannot simply buy a rank.

Each rank now comes with a shiny pokemon of the user's choice (non-legendary and must exist in the mod.) Say you donate and qualify for Supreme, you will also get x3 shiny upon receiving your rank from an admin. Master rank may choose a legendary shiny of their choice. Please note that rank changes are not automated and must be updated manually by an admin.

- Master -

Donors of $100 USD or more:

Pixelmon server benefits:

/kit candy (x5 rare candy every 24 hours)
/fly command
/pokeheal command

*NEW* Master rank now receives a new legendary pokemon for each $100 they donate. This is to reward players who have already donated hundreds of dollars to our server.

x10 /sethome
+2000 McMMO points (overall)
/kit obsidian (x64 obsidian blocks every 24 hours)
All Elite/Premium/VIP benefits[/color]

- Supreme - (Elite on Final Heaven)

Donors of $50 or more:

Pixelmon Server Benefits:

/kit ultraball (x12 ultra balls every 24 hours)
x5 /sethome
/back command
+1500 McMMO points (overall)
/kit cannon (TNT, repeaters, redstone, water for making TNT cannons)
All Premium/VIP benefits

- Premium -

Donors of $30 or more:

Pixelmon Server Benefits:

/kit greatball (x12 great balls every 24 hours)
x3 /sethome
/heal command
+1000 McMMO points (overall)
/kit armor (set of diamond armor every 24 hours)

- VIP -

Donors of $20 or more:

Pixelmon Server benefits:

x2 /sethome
/kit pokeball (x12 pokeballs every 24 hours)
/feed command!
+500 McMMO points (overall)
/kit dtools (diamond tools every 24 hours)



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By Kuwoobie
galaxyeyes10 wrote:What are the requirements for gymleader?
Ign: galaxyeyes10

Use this template

*You MUST follow this template when applying for Gym Leader positions.

Minecraft Username:
Pokemon games you own (all):
Experience with NetBattle:
Experience with

Are you a part of any Pokemon leagues or communities?

Why do you want to be a Gym Leader?

Will you be able to log in at least once a week for one hour per week to accept challenges?

How often will you be able to accept challenges outside of your challenge schedule?

Are you willing to prepare a team that meets your Gym's specifications? (Type and level cap of 60-- server admins can help you get started)

Then create a thread on this forum. ... m/14449178
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By Kuwoobie
#47604 There are a HUGE amount of people trying to log in, but do not have the mod installed. Here is AutumnxTaylor's guide to how to install Pixelmon:

This is a Step-By-Step Tutorial on installing Pixelmon using Magic Launcher
for 1.5.2 verisons of Minecraft.
(I am not making a tutorial for actually adding it to your jar file)


Make sure your minecraft.jar file has no other mods, not even Optifine.
Start with a clean jar fille by doing Force update. If you have any mods on it just go to your minecraft game folder. (To access your minecraft folder quickly, next to the login on your NORMAL minecraft is options, that is where force update is and it tells you where your minecraft folder is.)

Make sure you also have the latest verison of Magic Launcher.

Link for Windows Magic Launcher: ... _1.1.4.exe

Link for Mac Magic Launcher: ...


Now we get on to installing the 2 mods you need in order to play Pixelmon.

Use WinRAR or any other program to open zipped folders.

First Pixelmon: ...

Open Pixelmon 2.2.1 Install and go to the mods folder inside it. There you will see a file called Pixelmon this is the actual mod, If you use the Pixelmon 2.2.1 Install it will not read the mod unless you drag the Pixelmon out of the folder and select this when using Magic Launcher.

Next Forge: ...

Last you need Custom Mob Spawner: ...


Now, open Magic Launcher and click Setup next to the user/password spot. This is where you add your mods in. Now add the mods above that you downloaded by clicking Add(Its below Download)

Once you have added all the mods, you must put them in a certain order so they will all work properly.

Here is a screenshot, i also have circled in yellow where the Add button is just in case you couldn't find it.

Once you have done this. just hit Test to see if your minecraft starts up, it may freeze or crash the first time running it. Try again and if it doesn't then run through the steps again.


If you see the thing that says Errors (number here) ignore that. sometimes its nothing to worry about as far as i know.


CustomMobSpawner is *NOT* needed for our server!
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By Killaz2000
#47609 Minecraft Username: KillerXCool
Age: 13
Pokemon games you own (all): Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Diamond, Platnium, White, White 2
Experience with NetBattle: No
Experience with No

Are you a part of any Pokemon leagues or communities? Yes I am Ice Gym Leader And Flying Gym Leader on Jutisecraft

Why do you want to be a Gym Leader?

Will you be able to log in at least once a week for one hour per week to accept challenges? Totally I am on like nearly every day

How often will you be able to accept challenges outside of your challenge schedule? All the time if needed

Are you willing to prepare a team that meets your Gym's specifications? (Type and level cap of 60-- server admins can help you get started) Yes I am i never give up on training pokemon especially starters
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By Kuwoobie
#47616 Sounds good KillerXCool. Log in and I will evaluate your basic knowledge of pokemon battle strategy.

Currently we have openings in all Kanto gyms except for Fire and Grass.
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By Kuwoobie
#47720 Gym Leader Roster is filling up fast! We are running out spaces and opportunities for skilled trainers to be Gym Leaders and Elite 4.

ShanyBaby & Kuwoobie
Puchipixels, AutumnxTaylor, Kiracastle, Kaizakan, EricaM05
Elite Four:
Gym Leaders:

- Pewter City Gym: (Rock Type) TBA
- Cerulean City Gym: (Water Type) ShanyBaby
- Vermilion City Gym: (Electric Type) AntiCreepah
- Celadon City Gym: (Grass Type) harveermandip
- Saffron City Gym: (Psychic Type) TBA
- Fuchsia City Gym: (Poison Type) TBA
- Cinnabar City Gym: (Fire Type) theapocolipse
- Viridian City Gym: (Earth Type) TBA
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By Kuwoobie
Killaz2000 wrote:I'll take Water

Water is taken. We have Fuschia (Poison) and Pewter (Rock) available, and two more Elite 4 slots.


Grats on Pewter Gym Leader position :D
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By Kuwoobie
#47927 Last call~

We still need 2 more Elite 4 members and we are all set! All Gym Leader positions are filled, although we do have a Gym leader who might move to Elite 4, leaving Cinnibar Gym available for a new leader.