By drothan90
Jemezy wrote:No Adevntue mode :( Not Funny! :(

Some people likes to play survival. When we were hosting server as Adventure Mode around 5 months ago, people were always asking for suvival mode. But if people wants to play adventure mode we can use our old adventure mode map with 3 main towns and gym's. :)
By drothan90
Jakewcs wrote:
drothan90 wrote:
Jakewcs wrote:Drothan?! Omg, its back!

Yeah, right now i'm prepairing our old map, it'll be online in 10-15 minutes. :) You're welcome.

Do you remember me? :o
I'm just now redownloading the mod with customnpcs.

Yeah ofc i remember u :)
By Jakewcs
drothan90 wrote:
Jakewcs wrote:I hope vampkitty is coming back. :o

yes she too :)

Well, I've set it all up and ready to go, spamming my refresh button, Its time for Team Dracions rebirth! I found my old Dracion skin in my harddrive, and I've missed it. :,)