By BBot4Life
#49174 Hi im BBot4Life's friend im applying through his account
Ingame name- (k8destroyer )
How long you have been playing minecraft- (1 year )
Favorite Generation, Or favorite Pokemon- ( Pikachu)
How long you have been playing with the Pixelmon Mod (3 months )
Are you a well rounded builder? Yes
Will you listen to instructions? Yes
Will you not be angry if you are told a certain build needs taken down or redone.. not at all

Last thing. Why you should be a builder- (Because i am a good builder that will work hard to appease you. )

By Kman788
#49186 Herro :)
IGN; Kman788
I have been playing Minecraft since around the start of 2011 when the game was just about getting finished also I think that was the year of the first Minecon.
And of course my Favorite gen is gen 1 because I grew up with that. My childhood. And favorite Pokemon has to be Darkrai because he is just so all-a-round awesome.
Have played Pokemobs ever since I got minecraft and then they stopped updating so I gave it a break for a while and just at the end of last year started playing the new Pixelmon.
I am very talented in Pixel art as well as alright with some models. I have once built the white house and and other cool buildings. I am very picky when comes to detail and making something look good.
I will listen I wouldn't risk my status as builder and out of respect of the Owner and Admins I should listen to them.
If I have to take one of my creations down I will. I can't say I won't hesitate to do so but I will take it down, because it is your server and I will respect what you don't and do want on the server.
And The reason I want to be a builder is I never had the fun in just plan survival I would always go into creative and build something so I have been looking for a comunity were I can show my stuff, and what better thento show my stuff the world of pokemon on a game were you can build anything(execpt circles).
I would really look forward to doing this for some fun over my break an
If you can't reach me here email me @ [email protected] or @ skype kyle.allen65
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By Torm04
#50074 I am sorry to say we are accepting NO MORE BUILDERS! We are almost up and running! So if you want to still play on the server go to this site and follow what is happening!