By BBot4Life
#49445 Shit server, Co-owner broke a rule griefed my farm. I griefed him back took 1 pc which i could return instant ban. All they care about is their staff. No matter what you say the staff are always listened to. The co owner knew he took over and broke my farm but i get banned. Seriously no warnings or anything. Trying to make a ban appeal doesn't work either always get argued against. Yes i broke a rule but so did he.
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By IMrSuperNovaI
#49981 Our CoOwners don't grief. You built right next to his house, then griefed it. Of course you're banned.

As for only caring about staff, you're completely wrong. All we do is make sure our members are happy, constantly fixing bugs, returning missing items/pokemon, fixing plugins, advertising. There's a lot of work that goes into it, we're just trying to keep our community a good one by getting rid of the bad members who grief, spam, generally break rules. If you raged and griefed his house, what's the chances that you won't do it again? We'd rather not have people who rage then grief whenever things don't go their way.