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By IMrSuperNovaI
#46216 [center]NovaCatch is back![/center]

We have a new IP and site, both of which are;

Some stuff about NovaCatch;
    New spawn
    New site
    Gyms (Gym leader spots are open)
    Great voting rewards
    Fantastic donation ranks
    Many awesome plugins, such as; GriefPrevention, LWC, ChestShop, Marriage and many more!
    Helpful and friendly staff

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By IMrSuperNovaI
#46825 -Updated the site and IP-

To answer your questions, Roark;

1. Is there Claiming? Yes, there is claiming, PVP is disabled though.
2. Will this be Survival? (i.e we can travel and build wherever) Yes, it's Survival, you're free to roam wherever you like and build wherever you like.
3. What is this "Marriage" you speak of? It's a plugin allowing people to get married in game, comes with a few perks like teleporting to your partner, sending them gifts, and setting a home for you and your partner.
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By Dark Prinplup
#47036 Its me! CrystalBender1

This server looks interesting. I'll try it!

Edit: I give this server 9/10! It has lots to do, a helpfull communiy, and people who want to marry you(i marryed a total stranger and need to get divorced)I also had lots of fun on this server and will be foucusing on this server and you should to!

If i can, i would also like to apply for mod :D
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By IMrSuperNovaI
#47149 Thank you!

There's no staff applications, we scout out for potential staff ourselves, so just be active, help people out, and follow the rules. Pretty simple. ^^

Sorry about the downtime today, our host was having issues. :/