By 10abarrett
#52742 this server is very fun. There are alot of gym leader slots available aswell, so if you want to become a gym leader then this is a good server for you. Also you can build a house wherever you want and collect the materials. You can also collect stone shards so evolution stones are easy to make.
Just have a look for yourself.
IGN: 09rbarrett
just incase you want to talk to me
By 10abarrett
#53639 I think that this server could end up being the best!! Only if we can get some more people, we have managed to get a couple but we are hoping for more. If you are looking for a server that is fun and friendly then this is the server for you. Also if you like building you could build your own massive house wherever you want (apart from the spawn) and collect the materials wherever you want (apart from the spawn). Looking forward to seeing you.