By DMTsmoke
#45135 Hey guys at Pixelmon, It's me again =). My original Pixelmon server is becoming more popular daily(found at:!! Thanks for all the support guys! I enjoy playing with and adminstrating you guys very much! That being said, I've been wanting to explore some interesting ideas with a 2nd server. A more...violent one.. =). As always, I try to look for truly alternative and fun ways to play a Pokemon-based server (as with my 1st server =3). So I've decided to open my second server, one devoted solely to the ways of anarchy! I do not believe an anarchy-type server as ever been attempted within the Pixelmon community (I may be wrong) and that is because they appeal to a very certain type of player..One who knows to keep only what they need on them, and what they need ALWAYS includes a weapon. Anyhow..when we say anarchy, we mean:

-PVP on everywhere (except spawn & other admin built towns)

-Building allowed everywhere (except spawn & other admin-built towns)

-Stealing/griefing allowed (TNT/lava ON)

-Murder/Betrayal allowed

-Hunger on

-Your Items DO NOT drop on death (no worries ;) )

-Normal Mobs are ON (yes, we're going for an alternative feel here)

-Stealing Pokemon allowed (Whoever hits the hurt Poke with a Pokeball first, gets it!)

-Random Pokemon/PVP battles allowed

-Cursing at eachother is discouraged (have some class) but allowed.

-Anything else harsh and unforgiving that may have been forgotten.

This is how we believe a Pokemon themed, true-anarchy server should be, and we have yet to find one that has done so properly. Find people bases and farms and steal all their loot! TNT the top of their base and raid! Leave their base in a smoldering, lava-flooded mess! See an unsuspecting trainer battling outside of a town? Attack and murder him for his pokeballs! These things are allowed and encouraged, as this aims to be a true anarchy server. And with the CustomNPCs mod installed, there are a plethora of new weapons, ranged and melee!! Scythes, battle-axes, ninja-stars, elemental Mage staffs, and thats only the tip of the iceberg. Pokemon as it has never been before.. Anarchy has never seen better days! Come and see if you have what it takes to be a Pokemon master, and kill anyone who stands in your way.

Server IP:

Community Forums:

~~== REQUIRED MODS (easy to install): ==~~

Forge: ... tion=files

CustomNPCs: ... s-splanmp/


Pixelmon Resources: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1687