By runic
#45601 Im hoping it will be earlier. It all depends on the how slow the old host is on giving me the money back. I filed for a refund two days ago and haven't heard anything. Ill make sure to keep everyone updated on whats going on. :)
By runic
#45625 At the moment Gym Leaders could start thinking about what Pokemon they want. :)
Lower Gym leaders need to not have six tho. AND what badge they would like (as long as it fits!)
Like I don't want a Ice gym having a heat badge lol!
The only badge that is taken is the Rainbow badge. All other ones are up for grabs. :D

Gym leaders
Gym 1: 2 Pokemon
Gym 2: 2 Pokemon
Gym 3: 3 Pokemon
Gym 4: 3 Pokemon
Gym 5: 3 Pokemon
Gym 6: 4 Pokemon
Gym 7: 4 Pokemon
Gym 8: 4 Pokemon
By takguy
#45648 Gah! How did you know I was going to use the heat badge? :P

The amount of pokemon you let us use seems very low. I think it should start with 3 pokemon for first gym and get to 5 or 6 pokemon near 8th gym.

I know the exact pokemon I will use as soon as I will find out what order my gym will be in. It is not yet definite that my gym will be 6th in the order.

Going to go now and decide on a badge.