By takguy
#45219 I like adventure mode a lot more because there is a lot of ways to cheat in survival such as using flint and steel to set pokemon on fire and then catching them low health. It is also too easy to get ultra balls and other pokeballs. There is also a constant fear of someone raiding or stealing your items which is not in the real pokemon games.

To me, adventure mode is a lot more fun. Personally I support the idea of making the server adventure mode.

By takguy
#45224 The server uses the mod CustomNPC's so it won't be too difficult to make banks and ender chests to store items. This is kind of copying other adventure servers but it fixes the problem. It is a different map so it's almost like a different region for people that play on adventure servers so people will still try the server out and play on it.

I tried both adventure and survival servers and personally, it is too easy for me on survival servers which ruins the fun of it. This is why I personally like adventure servers more.
By takguy
#45233 I hate building houses on the surface. There were numerous times when they get blown up by TNT and raided. My faction raided a guy in another server and stole his master ball lid. He was pissed at me and I think he will try to get revenge.

So the only safe solution is building an underground base which is not really fun. I like raiding, but not in pixelmon. It just doesn't feel right. If the server will be in survival, I will probably just spend most of the time making pokeballs and catching pokemon. I got no satisfaction from watching the guy rage at me for raiding his house.

This is why I like adventure mode servers more, everyone just seems more friendly and not as worried about their possessions. Besides you can always build a house in normal minecraft.

This is just my personal opinion btw. In the end I don't really mind if it's survival or adventure. I g2g sleep now, I will post more tomorrow.
By runic
#45234 @takguy I understand the want for adventure mode. I was on a server for a while and spend weeks on this water temple. I came on one day and all of it was gone. What took me weeks to build took someone else 15 minutes to destroy.

I just don't want anyone having to go through that. I know there is the golden shovel plugin and some other ones but what if someone forgets to claim their land and it gets wrecked? Again, we'll have to see how things go but I think adventure mode will be a better choice as a whole.