By runic
#45045 What I do is go to
Hit 'Choose File' and look for the picture you want to post then hit 'upload. After that a code thing will pop up (to make sure you're not a bot) put in that code and hit the 'submit.' your picture will pop up and then just copy and paste the image link. :)

Hope it helps!
By runic
#45120 Awesome!

Oh all the Gym slots are filled...would you mind being on the elite four?

I am going to try my best. I know a lot of Pixelmon server tend to vanish or just never get up and running in the 1st place. Im going to really try to not be one of those. xD
By takguy
#45164 Is the server going to be adventure or survival mode?

I am very excited to see the server and be part of it.
I live in New Zealand so my time is +12GMT, hope it won't be an obstacle for me meeting you guys. I might only see you on weekends if you live in America but I will be on the server very often and trainers that live in places that have different time zones could always challenge me over the weekends if they don't see me during the week.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!
By runic
#45170 I was leaning towards adventure mode, only because even with anti grief plugins some people still seem to find a way to wreck things. xD

Yes, I like in the US but I tend to be on late at night (12am-4am) here because of my work hours.
I hope we can all meet when the server opens. Talk plan and all that.

No need to worry about that. :) If someone Really, really wants to do your gym that day im sure I can work something out with them. ^^ Another one of the Gym leaders lives in England so we have many time zones here.

This will be a brand new map. (I lost the one from my old host. x.x) So there will be a lot of work to be done!