By runic
#44948 Most likely. Things can change all that will be worked out later.
The only ones that are 100% in that order is one and two

The server should be up by 7th. I am having a few problems with host at the moment but everything should be worked out really soon. Ill keep everyone posted. :)
By MisterDEP
#45011 IGN: MisterDEP
Job you want: Gym Leader (Preferably psychic or ghost), or Builder
Why you should be this Job: I have always played pokemon and love pixelmon, i can be on the server for the most part daily
Maturity Level: Likes a laugh but lays down the line

Here's my Pokemon Black and White based PokeCenter, has a pc and a healer but no trade machine
Image Image

I based this one off of the more oldschool games, fully functional with a pc, healer, and a trade machine upstairs
Image Image

Oh yeah, and runic, pm me if u want to see more of my stuff