By TTDxSteaLthh
#50488 IGN: TTDxSteaLthh
Age: 14
Job you want: (Gym leader,builder, elite four member, etc) Gym Leader (If possible, Builder and Gym Leader)
Why you should be this Job: I am a thoughtful and nice character. I got along with many players from previous servers I have played on. I am a hard working player.
Maturity Level: Alternating.
By Mocha
#52467 IGN: MochaOF
Age: 14
Job you want: Elite Four
Why you should be this Job: I am a challenge and I know my way around a battle
Maturity Level: I can literally laugh at anything and I can take a loss respectfully.
By Jankly
#52972 IGN: Jankly_
Age: 19
Job: Gym Leader
Why: I am a calm easy going guy, really mature, and it takes a lot to get me mad. im really conversationable, and glad to help the new coming players to the server.
Maturity level: Over 9000! (Really chill and calm)
By jackel95443
#53345 IGN: jackel95443
Age:15 going 16
Job you want: wherever is needed except builder terrible unless shown how to do so.
Why you should be this Job: i spend alot of it on minecraft as well.
Maturity Level: i can be serious when needed and if im not being serious its having fun and goofing around but its also controlled goofing so i know when to stop.
By pyrowolf1522
#57493 Fill this out

IGN: budderis1
Age:12 about to 13 in december
Job you want: builder

Why you should be this Job:cause i like to build (p.s i would be gym leader but it looks packed) (p.p.s i have a pokebook it tells everything about all the pokemon excepted for the pokemon in black and white.

Maturity Level: very mature (never curses, doesn't be raicist, and be's nice)