By runic
#45809 I don't know what game that is but I looked all the games up before putting the numbers.

I was going to go pokemon black and white where most people have 2 or 3

but instead I went more based off the younger games but being nice I gave people more Pokmon
about 90% of the games the 1st gym leaders only have 2 pokemon.

Ah, sorry. Ill add you now. :)
By ryanlikeschips1
#45812 :ugeek: well this is my pokes
1:mew [lev 50]
2:hypno [lev 50]
3:starmie [lev 50] its clearly a physic look it up
4:alakazam [lev 50]
5:slowking [lev 50]

2nd time though

1:mew lev 90
2:hypno lev 90
3:starmie lev 90
4:alakasam lev 90
5:slowking lev 90
6:solrock lev 90

not sure what badge yet c:
By AlekDruidie
#45823 IGN: AlekDruidie
Age: 18
Job you want: (Gym leader,builder, elite four member, etc) Water/Ice Gym Leader or Elite Four Member (If Ghost/Physic is not taken I would prefer this.)
Why you should be this Job: Because I love to be challenged by people, I love to win and lose, give some people satisfaction. I'm slightly experienced with Pixelmons, yet I did start it not long ago, but something tells me to try my strenghts! My most fave pokemon is Eevee and her/his Eeveelution: Glaceon. My aim in this game to get all Eeveelution on one server, while having fun at the same time!
Maturity Level: I'm relaxed, cheerful, if things require serious-face, I'm serious.
By GLaDOes
#46501 IGN: GLaDOes
Age: 15
Job you want: (Gym leader,builder, elite four member, etc) Flying type elite 4 member
Why you should be this Job: Because im a person who is always looking for a challenge. Ive also been looking for an amazing pixelmon server and this looks like it could be it.
Maturity Level: Most people say its pretty high