By runic
#45664 I was also thinking of a rematch thing.
After a player beats ALL gyms and the Elite Four he/she will be able to go back and rebattle everyone
at higher levels. In the rematch everyone will have six Pokemon at higher levels. :)

By takguy
#45698 Interesting idea.

Badge I will use: Icicle badge.

Pokemon for original run through:
1. Swinub/Piloswine
2. Jynx
3. Cloyster
4. Lapras

Second run through (If you will use the idea.)
1. Jynx
2. Piloswine
3. Glaceon
4. Cloyster
5. Lapras
6. Articuno

Tell me if you want me to change the order and what lv the pokemon will be.

This is just the basic idea, we can discuss the details when the server gets opened or we can talk about it now.
By runic
#45700 Thanks, I got the idea from one of the games. I remember you can go back and rematch the Gym Leaders.

Team looks pretty good.
My only problem with be the legendary. I personally don't mind it, but we'll see what other people think. :)
By takguy
#45707 Considering how many ice pokemon are added to the game I have a few choices:
1. Use a low level Swinub as well during second round unless you can make it stronger without evolving it.
2. Use a repeated pokemon.
3. Wait until more ice pokemon come out.
4. Use 5 pokemon.
5. Use Articuno.

It will be the second round anyway so the trainer would probably have 3 mews and other strong pokemon so it won't matter that much.
Hopefully Dewgong gets added in the near future, then I will be able to use him. I think he'll be added before someone reaches a second round through the gyms. The Elite four are also supposed to be based to give a big challenge to the trainers, that is why they're the elite four. I don't think I will even get to use Articuno for a long time if I even am allowed to use him, that is considering if I will use him at all.
By runic
#45710 People will have 2 sets of pokemon. One for the normal gym round and one for the rematch.

I really wouldn't mind it. I just don't want people being like 'How did you get one! I want it!'
I hope things don't go that way because it would be nice if more gym leaders could have legendary Pokemon too.

Like I said im okay with it. The 2nd round of Pokemon will be a lot higher after all. In the 80s and 90s
By PrancingPanda
#45748 IGN: PrancingPanda
Job I want: I would like to be builder
Why I should be this Job:I have not made any awesome buildings and stuff but if you give me an idea of what to build i can build it.
Maturity Level:on a scale of 1-10 ,7,

By the way i suggest this server should survival especially if you are thinking of adding bukkit to it and you can add Towny which then will help prevent griefing if it is survival

(I also just prefer Survival XD)
By takguy
#45762 The voting was very close between survival and adventure modes, in the end you decide so the voting didn't decide much of anything.

I want to say that if the server is going to be in survival, the beaches and desserts will get destroy by people that constantly need sand. Sand is a scarcity in survival mode.

Runic it's all up to you and the mods to decide what mode you want to make it.
By runic
#45766 Adventure mode did win in the poll by just a few votes. I understand why people would like survival, but its not like they can go off and build wherever they want. Houses would still have to be in towns. xD So I don't see the difference. If I can find a super good plugin that will protect the buildings Ill go with that.