By runic
#44428 The server will be up within the week. (I am working hard with the host to get things up and running)

You'll need

For Gym leaders! (The number by the level is how many Pokemon you are allowed to have)
NOTE: No legendary Pokemon on the 1st round!!!
Gym 1: 12-14* 3

Gym 2: 19-22 3

Gym 3: 27-30 3

Gym 4: 28-31 4

Gym 5: 32-36 4

Gym 6: 37-39 4

Gym 7: 38-42 4

Gym 8: 46-50 4

Elite 4

1: 53-57 5

2 55-59 5

3 57-61 5

4 59-63 5

CHAMP: 60-66 6


Gym 1: 67-70* 6

Gym 2: 70-73 6

Gym 3: 73-76 6

Gym 4: 76-79 6

Gym 5: 79-82 6

Gym 6: 82-85 6

Gym 7: 85-88 6

Gym 8: 88-91 6

Elite 4

1 91-93 6

2 92-95 6

3 92-97 6

4 94-99 6

CHAMP: 100 6

Gym Leaders
Gym One: Tasuku_kiba (Fire)
Heat Badge

Gym Two: JD (Ground)
Boulder Badge

Gym Three Galactico101 (Grass)

Gym Four Osborne3510 (Water)

Gym Five: Ryanlikeschips1 (Physic)

Gym Six: takguy (Ice)
1. Swinub/Piloswine
2. Jynx
3. Cloyster
4. Lapras
Icicle badge

Gym Seven silentstealth (Dragon)
Rising Badge

Gym Eight MisterDEP (Electric)

Elite Four
Champ: Taken


((These lists are not final. This is just so I can keep track of people I want to put on a test run. c:))
If your not is not here don't worry! It means I don't know where to place you yet!

Also looking for builders. PLEASE link pictures of your work to me. If you don't have any screenshots of your builds its an auto deny.

Fill this out

Job you want: (Gym leader,builder, elite four member, etc)
Why you should be this Job:
Maturity Level:

By Jakers
#44475 IGN: Jakerszzzz
Age: 15
Job you want: Gym Leader, Builder
Why you should be this Job: 'Cause i am a good builder :D. Also i am pretty decent at pkmn.
Maturity Level: Depends on the situation. Usually i am pretty laid back and make lots of jokes, but if i am required to do any decision making, or have a serious conversation i can easily.


Oh and also, for the gym type, Ghost please. :)
By takguy
#44509 IGN: takguy
Age: 16
Job you want: (Gym leader,builder, elite four member, etc): Gym Leader -Ice-
Why you should be this Job: Ice type pokemon are truly amazing. So far the ice pokemon added to the game are very interesting, you'd think fire is very effective when the ice type pokemon added so far are ice, water and ground. Ice type pokemon are very interesting with Lapras being my most favorite pokemon and Cloyster being one of my most favorite pokemon. I had been playing on other servers for quite a bit of time and I am very interested in ice type pokemon and therefore I really want to be an ice type gym leader.
Maturity Level: I am the type of person that likes drama, my posts on forums are usually long with a lot of irrelevant detail. However this is my personality. Other than that I am very mature, I am good at ignoring insults and I don't usually use drama in my language in game, usually only the forums. I am very helpful and very active and I can be funny in the right moments and I can be mature and focused in the moments needed.

I am a good friend and a good person overall especially when you get to know me better. I can also be 'cool' like the breeze that comes from the ice gym. I am sure I am the right person to be one with ice pokemon and to prove this I want to become the ice type gym leader.

Sorry for long posts but as I said above, I can never make my posts short :D Hope for a reply, see you when the server gets opened.
By BBot4Life
#44688 IGN:BBot4Life
Job you want: (Gym leader,builder, elite four member, etc) Champion/ Be a hobo/builder
Why you should be this Job: Because im good at building and love pokemon. Im very experienced in both and in server to so i could be useful.
Maturity Level: Usually i like to joke around a bit have a laugh but if you need me to stop i will and can easily.
By ryanlikeschips1
#44697 IGN:Ryanlikeschips1
Age:14 soon to be 15
Job you want: I'd like to be a gym leader or elite four member
Why should you be this job ive been playing pokemon since i first saw it when i was 7 and love it still and ive beat every pokemon game countless times and love this game more so im a very decent player
Maturity level:I tend to joke around a lot but can be serious if i need to

Physic gym leader by the way
By Osborne3510
#44721 IGN:Osborne3510
Job you want: Gym Leader, Builder, anything else you need help with
Why you should be this Job: Because I know a lot about pokemon, minecraft, and the mod. I can build and I am very dedicated.
Maturity Level: I can be very mature but usually I like to joke around. In a serious situation I am very mature.

P.S. Electric or Water Gym?
By Charizardflyer
#44724 IGN: RCharizardflyer
Age: 11 (Age is just a just a number)
Job you want: Gym Leader (Electric or Dragon Type)/ Builder
Why you should be this Job: I love building and when I have an idea to build something, I don't put it off or wait to build it, I get right to it and finish it. I have always wanted to help with a server.
Maturity Level: On a scale of 1-10, 10.
These photos are just some of my builds on my creative world.And also I used Custom NPCs in this world for shops and stuff.
Charmander PMD HouseImage WorkshopImage Sharpedo BluffImage
By runic
#44726 So far you all look good. I would like you all to come into the server once its open and see how everyone works together before I go with a 100% yes. I just want to make the server as good as I can. :)

Thank you all for showing interest and those of you asking for builders I would love to see pictures whenever you have them. c:


I like those builds! I might put you in charge of making some of the houses players get to rent. :D