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By Kyiv
#45422 Moderator:
Skype[Yes or No]:No (Parental Reasons...)
Typing Skill:8.69
Maturity Level:meh... 9
Previous Staff Experiences:I own 3 other servers and I've been managing since 1.6.6
Why do you want to be a moderator:I feel I can help this wonderful community incase they need answers or help.
Your TimeZone:Central Time USA (TX)
Command knowledge:I know every single one of them. As I have said in the previous blank that I own 3 other servers. I think I'm at a 9.69 at knowing all the commands. :)

Erm.... I am Joe's Friend? lol
By jeremy58589721
#45818 i try to DL the modpack but when the website/download area loads it kicks me back to here D:

ill have to manually DL and install them all myself i guess D:

Edit- nevermind its to much work to DL all the mods needed. ill just wait and hope the modpack DL site gets fixed or working again D:

Edit 2- oh after trying to get the site to work. i was able to DL the modpack after my 11th time of the DL site not working :D