By kikkinwang
#41339 Oh, and before I go, anyone have any recommendations on what pokemon I should use? So far I can only think of Bulbasaur-Venusaur, Bellsprout-Victreebel, Leafeon, Exeggcute-Exeggcutor, and that's it.

I know I'm gonna use Exeggcute or Exeggcutor, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur or Venusaur, and Leafeon (if I can), along with some of the ones I can't think of.
By cheese
#42130 IGN: cheesebed1

Age: 13/14

Experience: Ive been admin on 2 previous servers and am always willing to help no matter how agonizing or frustrating the problem is.

What gym: Preferably dragon/air (dragon is more preferred)

Why should i choose you: I never treat people different, i dont hesitate to take action when needed, when someone is cussing constantly, griefing, or really just doing the wrong things i will ask them to stop or if they refuse they will be temporarily banned for like 5 min as warning. I also have been a diehard pokemon fan since firered and leafgreen so i know my way around pokemon.

I hope you consider my help as i love helping others when they require it.
By old_king_khol
#42461 IGN old_king_khol

Age 14

Experience on pokemon pretty gooo on minecraft pretty good

What gym any gym you want me to be

Why should i choose you im awesome

Builder yes goood at making stuff look good

Experience goood

Pokemon knowledge really good

Good with redstone goood
By joeyhugg
#42607 IGN: joeyhugg

Age: 13

Experience: Have played Minecraft since 1.8, played Pokemon since 3rd grade (currently in 9th)

What gym: Poison, Psychic, Ghost, or Dark

Why should i choose you: I LOVE Pokemon, and I just recently discovered this mod. I would love to help start off a new server by offering my extended Pokemon and Minecraft knowledge that I have gained over the years. Plus I have a good sense of humor (if I say so myself)


IGN: joeyhugg

Age: 13

Experience: Same as above

Pokemon knowledge: Many, many, MANY years.

Good with redstone: Know all of the basics and some advanced redstone.
By Alpa123456
#42895 Leader
IGN: alpa123456

Age: 13

Experience: good experience with pokemon many Many Many years of pokemon in my life

What gym: 1st-8th - flying/water

Why should i choose you

because i like to help people if u are looking for leader i want that job to help you get more people through and have fun with playing on the server