By carefreegoose
#41093 Hi i am in the process of making a hamachi Pixelmon server
But i need Builders and leaders if u wanna be one
fill in these forms




What gym

Why should i choose you





Pokemon knowledge

Good with redstone

By Spartain2
#41099 admin app :

ign: Spartain2

age: 14

experience: 4

You Should trust me because people always liked me as admin on servers. and I help out with people that need help im there instantly when a grief happens.

Why I want to be admin because I like to help out with new servers.
By kikkinwang
#41124 Admin application:

IGN: kikkinwang

Age: 14

Experience: I have been an effective mod before on a public server before.

Why should you trust me? I am an honest person that has some knowledge on administration/moderation, while taking action if something happens.

I would love to be an admin because I enjoy helping others.
By Osborne3510
#41125 Hey, I would love to play on your server as an admin, and a gym leader. Im going to put both applications below: First is the Admin application:
IGN: Osborne3510


Experience:I have played Minecraft since beta.

Why should i trust you:I am very trustworthy and I would like to help run the server.

Why do you want to be a admin:So I can have fun on a server and crack down on the griefers :D
Now for the Gym Leader Application:


Experience: Good experience with pokemon and minecraft.

What gym: Preferably water or electric

Why should i choose you: I know a lot about Minecraft, pokemon, and the mod.

I hope I will be chosen as one of these, hopefully both. I could also help with the building. BTW: what is the ip?
By 7emperor790
#41137 Age 13

Experience I was a gym leader once before but the server shut down


Why should i choose you Because i love watching people get stronger with there pokemon and i will never lie to u or any one else on the server

See you soon
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By Umbreon1110
IGN: Arceus12234

Age: 15

Leader Experience: 3 times so far

Builder/Mod/Admin Experience: about 4, 1 time mod, 1 time admin, 2 times builder

What gym: Dragon, Ice, Flying, or Legendary Birds ( Preferred )
Good at redstone: Sort of, but it takes me awhile :P But nobody's perfect

Pokémon Knowledge: MAX, played since red/blue

Why should i choose you:
Well I do have some exp... I never grief nor raid because the builder of that worked hard to make it, and to have someone treat it badly is just heartbreaking, Its happened to me :(
If I had banning rights this is what i'd do if someone broke the rules:
1st time - Warning 2ed time - Temp. Ban 3ed time - IP Ban

A bit of advice...: Before giving a player ANY BANNING RIGHTS OF ANY KIND Be sure to get to know them. They could be a griefer in discuise. It's happened on a server I was builder on and trust me that is N-o-t p-r-e-t-t-y. As for myself, I find me one of the few trustables
By zombiekingz
#41156 admin app
age- 13
experience- i have been a very well loved mod and admin and respected much and i love to help others
knowledge- i know much about pokemon played almost every game and willing to do anything needed
why i want to be- i love to help others and work with others
ign zombiekingz
age 13
experience- i have been a leader and helped many people further their career
gym- dragon,fire,fighting
why you shuld choose- i am reliable and very trustworthy

my skype is benbboyd
thanks for your time!