By leggionrome123
#66036 IGN: leggionrome123
Position: Gym leader as water or dragon
Reason: i love facing others and having challenges and testing others
Why you would ban players: they do things they are not suppose to or they break the rules
Age: 14 :)
By ido1531
#69134 IGN: ido1531
Position:Any (im leveling very up for gym leader and building very good so u choose what u need and if u need gym leader so i want water or ice but i dont really care... )
Reason:I love build a lot of things and if im going to be gym leader so i can tell u that im a fast and good trainer :P
Why you would ban players: for bad language and cheating and spamming (well for spamming just a warning :P )
if u need more i have two friends that will love to be in ur server too :)

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By alexgarcia7555
#69439 ING:alexgarcia7555
Position: gym leader
reason: i wall ways wanted to be a gym leader becuase i have'nt become one
why would you ban players: i would ban players that are grieing when i see them griefing i will ban them and sometimes i will be invisabal
age:11 birthday: march 29 2002