By ArcCrow
#43883 I request for being a grass type gym leader, i can beat pokemons 10levels higher than me with a grass type. My age is 18 and i would really be happy if you accept me as your grass type gym leader.

IGN: ArcCrow
Position:Gym Leader (grass)
Reason:I am good, mature and follow ALL server rules
Why you would ban players: Cuz They are mean and do not follow server rules

Thanks for accepting me, i'll do my best :mrgreen:

By Waterboyr
#50635 IGN: Waterboyr
Position:Gym Leader/Builder (both)
Reason: I am awesome and creative.
Why you would ban players: Because they are spamming, because they are breaking rules, because they are disobeying staff, cussing repetively, being too inappropriate, and doing something wrong.