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By Moltres11
#41823 IGN: regice1223
Position: Gym leader
Reason: I'm extremely good at it
Why you would ban players: Because they are Mindless Wondering Dummies
Age: 10
I would like to be gym leader #6, Electric type maybe. otherwise moderator or admin!
P.S Great server!
P.SS I would denfintly LOVE to be like a legendary bird master or some sort.
By galaxyeyes10
#41919 IGN: galaxyeyes10
Position: Gym Leader/ Builder
Reason: To join a fun server and be able to communicate and compete with other players, while building my collection of dragon type pokemon.
Why you would ban players: If they are being disrespectful/rude or griefing (that includes stealing pokemon drops etc.) or all in all making the server less enjoyable for others.

It's been said a lot but I would like to be a dragon type gym leader due to my expertise on how to Ev train the to perfection and the strategies that they contain.
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By Umbreon1110
#41926 IGN: Arceus12234
Position:Gym Leader/Builder/Mod?/Admin?
Reason: Well, summer vacation is coming soon, and I would like something to do.
Why you would ban players: I would ban them if they are violating the rules. First I would warn them, Then if they do it again I would temp ban, if a third time, a perm ban
By joey89108
#41958 IGN:joey89108

position:Gym leader/Builder

Reason:I love Pixelmon and my dream is to be a gym leader on a server!

Why would you ban players:I would ban players only if they are doing something really bad like insulting a gym leader or griefing or stealing other pokemon and espesially hackers!


P.S: If I get picked, can i be a flying or a water gym leader? I really wanna be a gym leader please?
By icedrago255
#42174 IGN: icedrago255
Reason:I love to help on servers, and make them expand and become better in anyway possible.
Why you would ban players: For repeated spamming over things like asking for items, or trading, stealing and griefing other players, excessive profanity, and any form of racial/sexual harrasment.

Also, I want to be an elite four member, or builder and my favorite type is Drago
By boboy76
#42183 IGN: boboy76
Position:Gym Leader (Ice)
Reason:I love competitive battling and Ice types are my favorite, I don't care if I win or lose, I just think it's fun.
Why you would ban players: The way I would ban players is I would first give them a warning if it's something minor like harrasment or insultments, but if I saw griefing I would ban them immediately because that's taking it way to far.