By MC_Riccy
#40739 IGN: MC_Riccy
Position:Gym Leader/Builder
Reason:I am a pretty good builder just tell me what to build and I'll do my best. I also Have a lot of Pokemon experience.
Why you would ban players: I would ban players if they do something stupid or something that is against the rules after giving them a warning.
By DarkNintendoGuy
#40786 IGN: Slyt59
Position:Builder or Co-Owner
Reason:i have experince with being admin non two servers mod on two others and im mature responsible fun to be around and nice
Why you would ban players:I would ban players if they ditrupt people from having fun on the server and greifing stealing hacking ex.
By Allyiah
#40852 IGN: metalberlioz
Position: gymleader (fire gym leader)
Reason: I am very experienced with Pokémon and can play in character
why would you ban players: if they are very immature, give people any greif or if they greif, steal from homes and overall ruin peoples fun
Age: 16
By riler62
#41090 IGN: riler62
Position: grass gym/build
reason: LOVE pixelmon and to help
age: 13