By Slyth59
#40366 Hello! I am Slyth59

I have started my minecraft pixelmon server today and looking 4 builders and gym leaders!!!

This server is white-listed for a few days while the server is being built so I will ony allow a certain few to login and build and stuff. This is not bukkit just yet but will be very soon. I just need a few plugins to install and stuff. to register to be a gym leader/builder fill this out.

Example IP:
IGN: Slyt59
Position:Gym Leader/Builder
Reason:I am good
Why you would ban players: Cuze They are mean

By tbrower
#40398 IGN: ElricBrotherTMB
Position:Gym Leader/Builder
Reason:Expert redstoner and prior Elite Four Experience
Why you would ban players: Spamming, Not obeying the rules of the server, Disobeying a Moderator (Gym Leader/Builder/Admin) of the server. Griefing (unless griefing is allowed)

I prefer to be a Dragon gym leader, various or eevolution
By Osborne3510
#40444 IGN: Osborne3510
Position:Electric Gym Leader and Builder
Reason: I have a lot of knowledge about pokemon and minecraft.
Why you would ban players: If they are not following the rules or respecting "staff" or other players.