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By bhoqure
#40363 Hey so joey im apparently banned due to me restating that mblaze was lieing. I apparently showed disrespect by tell him what he was saying was lieing

Examples of what i said to him and his comment:

No one uses macs- Mblaze

Thats a lie i use a mac - Bhoqure

No one speaks spanish - Mblaze

Thats a lie lots of people do- Bhoqure

He said i was disrespecting i do not see how this is any way disrespect i stated where he was lieing. IF he does not know something it should not be said. Also he banned me after i said i would tell you about this. I do not think this is a good demostration of administration.

If you want screenshots of the entire chat i took add me on skype its Bhoqure real name is chris frost.

Being banned for getting on someone nerves by correcting them is not good administration.

On the server i help moderate when someone corrects me i take it and improve on it by usually either learning my mistake or correcting them they are wrong.