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By joeymread
#39129 Thunder Yellow!


New server up for the most recent version of pixelmon!

Commands! Sethome, Warp, Lock and More!

Custom Safari Zone!
This is a small survival server, where any player can build his/her own gym and become a leader! Build your own towns and invite your friends, or train your pokemon and become the strongest trainer!

What I want from this server is a small group of players who enjoy survival pixelmon and what to get together, build, create a community, and have good matches. If this is something you are looking for as well then please connect!
To create a system of towns and a player to player trade network. To have players develop there own towns, styles, and pokemon teams, in a friendly, hassle and grief free environment.

I'm not looking for donations, or constant logins, or admins at this time. But if you are on regularly and participate maybe I'll offer it to you.

Arena matches!
Shinny spawn events!
Safari Zone!
Legendary Events!

I will get these events rolling before the end of next week and I hope your as excited as I am!
I cant wait to see you on the server! :D