By jishness
#67266 The server now has a TOTAL capacity of 120 players. You might be thinking, HEY. THAT WILL LAG.

We're using a combination of servers with support for all your pixelmon and inventory saves. The main world contains all of our gyms, buildings, and places to explore. It has an individual player cap of 60. There are two other worlds labeled as wilds, where wild pixelmon will spawn. These servers have an individual cap of 30 each. This spreads out the load of a lot of players over the entire system instead of just one processor core.

Give it a try. Join the server. I can tell you that no other server has the capacity we do currently without lagging.
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By RedShadow457
#68554 We are planning to remove custom npcs and just go with a normal economy to buy items. This will reduce the little remaining lag and will allow us to make item prices better for players. We are currently offering players a chance to sell their custom NPC coins to an NPC in spawn in exchange for emeralds. Whenw e get the new economy you will be able to sell your emeralds for the new money.

You have until sunday 18th to sell your coins
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By Animalol
#71474 Edited your Pixelmon Download link; you can't have the direct download link there.