By SaoKasai
#41445 I have to say that for the most part, this server is very friendly, and a lot of fun. The admins are all great, and very fair. Since there is no whitelist, there are jerks that wander on once in a while, but they don't last very long. Give the server a chance, get to know some people, and you'll have a bunch of fun.

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By RedShadow457
#41806 Just Posted the signup page for the next tournament, great to see the amount of entries we have gotten this quickly, also glad to see that newer players are entering along side some older players.
By XbL Chubzilla
#41834 I have made vids of me playing on this server i love it so far here is my links to the vids.

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my facebook page plz like my vids and mt page.
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By RedShadow457
#42546 Ok This weeks tournament has finished with a great turnout and the majority of entries from newer players. Congrats to our winner on taking home a masterball, evolutionary stone of choice and a tm of choice.

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By RedShadow457
Seilican wrote:we are thinking about a map reset ish pls go look and vote

If we get the new map we want to be prepared so we want people to vote on potential new gym types we should go with this time around