By Earstorm
#45816 come on guys I am relly sorry pls Unban me I am really sorry I don`t have other server please guys be good im really sorry I was spawning pokemons come on guys I really love the server before come on please unban me I am Earstorm really pls
By Rudak
koopatroopa357 wrote:Chrono its me koopa from the server I need you to please find a bug type sub gymleader

By mrbluet1ger
#46813 Ok
SOOO the pokemon center was unclaimed and i saw a hug hole in it so i thought you guys were getting rid of it so i got some quartzz before it was gone then you guys said you were going to rebuild it because it was GRIEFED and i ASKED EVERYONE WHO WAS BUILDING MULTIPLE TIMES IF I SHOULD GIVE THE BLOCKS BACK AND LEAVE AND NO ONE EVER ANSWERS ANYONE ON THIS SERVER SO I GUESSED NOT. NAD I WAS WALKING AROUND SOME GUY STARTS WALKING AROUND AND REPIDETLY KICKING ME FROM THE SERVER. sorry for caps but im prettty angry right now
By mrbluet1ger
#46814 ANNNNND NOW IM BANNED. you know the only bad thing about this server TO ME (that means my opinion) is that nobody listens. The admins and the op's do not listen to anything anyone else has to say. i have only got a reply from a couple of people when i EVER ask a question, and its the same people everytime. SO i think you should promote those people so they can help more often like admins should be doing instead of repeatedly kicking somone even when they say "let me explain" or "wait" and eventually banning them.