By SkyWindZ
#36493 Pizelmon - GamingOnlineSocial
The Server that won't let you down !
I am here to give you guys enjoyment in Pixelmon !
I also have a website here:
This supports all languages or around the country.
Rules: No swearing
Never try to grief in the Server.
Never hack or try to Troll.
Declaring wars.
Insulting others.
Always respect each other In-Game.
You guys should have fun aswell.
Custom NPCs [Quests, Shops, Daily Giveaway - In-game daytime]
Custom Map (That would be available soon)
Redstone map (That would be available soon)
Why would you join Pizelmon ?
Since this Server is new, There would be new Moderator's coming soon with Friendly Trained.
And a Tutorial in this Server for Newbies.
Those would be added very soon.
Town 1 (No-Name - Name me !)
Town 2 (No-Name - Name me !)
Town 3 (No-Name - Name me !)
Town 4 (No-Name - Name me !)
Town 5 (No-Name - Name me !)
Town 6 (No-Name - Name me !)
Route 1 (Not completed)
Route 2 (Not Completed)
Route 3 (Not completed)
Route 4 (Not Completed
Route 5-10 (Not Completed
Route 11-20 (Not Completed)
Route 21-30 (Not Completed)
This server will start fresh.
Open Beta Testers: ... n=lastpost
Moderator Application: ... play&fid=8
--------------------------------- - Help me :3