By aGraypanda
#36325 I Do Not Own This Server,Pelagius_Septim Does.
Hey people of the pixelmon forums! There Is Very Good staff, builders and players! I am thankful for what we have so here are some awesome features of our server!
We have events almost daily, So players are never bored!
We have 4 regions: Aurora Region, Nakaio Region, Kise Region, And the hidden Azure Region!and Maybe More
Now you may be thinking "Why this server sounds fun, Well it is. And due to the recent update. All players can build on our custom map! Now if you want to come one our server to grief, Then go away! Because we worked a Long Time building all that we have, And it is quite alot. And now, if you got banned, you may apply to be pardoned! So please join our humble community!
Now Accepting Pokemon Rangers! Ask Me Or TheApocolispe

Required mods:
Custom NPC's
Pixelmon (duh)
and minecraft forge (it is required to run pixelmon)


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By Dark Prinplup
#36834 I want to try this server! I will once my computer os fixed.