By tbrower
#35827 Ok so recently a friend and I started a server.
It is not yet open to the public as we are still working out the bugs.
However our Enjin Website Is up!

Come Join us at

We have a forum for Gym Leader/Builder Applications.

We are working our hardest to get our server working.
We are new to it and other Pixelmon server owners have denied helping us because it is "competition"
Whatever. Our map for the most part is completed and we are slowly but surely making progress.

We look forward to seeing you on our forums!

By tbrower
#37152 Ok we are looking for a few talented Builders.
And about 5-6 more gym Leaders.

Visit the website to apply or even if you just want to play on the server!

So close to opening for the public!
It is an amazing map!