By X_Amilious_X
#35335 Hello, Hello, Hello

Me and a small group of my admin are constructing a massive server. One of my admins is puCK from starcraft, maybe you have heard of him. :D Once we open the server he will advertise on his stream to keep our server full of people to interact with. If you would like to join the building team please PM me.

By X_Amilious_X
#35341 One thing to keep in mind is that starting off we running on a small server 2gb memory, until we open the server to the public. Besides our minecraft server, the server will also run a website, and a mumble server that will be associated with our minecraft server. Once opened to the public we will open up a donation for the server. All donations will go to improving the server. So the more people that are interested the better the server will become. Like I mentioned before puCK should drawn members to our server, and donations that will improve our server.
By X_Amilious_X
#35348 The website is currently under construction. We have implemented a forum (simplemechines instead of phpBB). We will be building an application page on the website in php. When you apply it will send an email and/or a text to all the admins, who can that admit you to the server. The php scrip will handle the applications by writing to the white list or banded files for the server. Once this php script is finished it will be available for download on the website.

Below is the link to the website:
(keep in mind that it is still under major construction)
By X_Amilious_X
#35351 One last thing I would like to mention here. I am new to java and modding, but not new when it comes to programming. I could use some help if anyone is interested. I have a page on the WIP for the forum, for the mod:


If anyone is interested in helping please pm me!