By ttoctam
#67366 I have been playing pokemon since I was rather young and it has always been a fun experience. When I got into minecraft and modding I checked around for pokemon mods but none were very good or expansive. I only found this mod days ago after watching a youtuber suck at it and I knew I had to get it. After that it was inevitable that I would find this epic server and now my homework is really falling behind and my teachers are getting mad. But I don't care cos I have a freakin Magicarp!

Great server guys, seriously.

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By lopezcris723
#92695 This is a really good server and it has only gotten better! This forum post is outdated and really needs to be updated but I'll list a couple of changes: There are now 3 different regions with each gym and elite members you can apply for if not taken and 3 champions for each region that if you beat, you take his place! There is plenty to do and fun players from anywhere! This is a place where I have made new friends and learned new info about pokemon! The staff members are all very nice and will always help you out as much as posible! When I joined for the first time a while back I knew a bit about pokemon and because of all the help of all the kind staff and players I now know way more and am now currently part of the Elite 4! So everyone who wants a fun friendly community and one that helps and of course a good lag free server that holds alot of players now more than the 50 that were posted above I guarantee you will LOVE this server!