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#55922 This server is amazing! The sheer beauty of all the places you can go is amazing! You guys should do speed builds.
Also all the people on here are really nice. If I had a question like 4 or 5 people would all answer it and NOT call me a noob. :D

There aren't many servers like this out there, even vanilla servers often have real jerks on them.
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#55932 I think you banned me by accident? There was another Dark and I think you banned me too as banning him, because soon as I tried to get in. I was banned.
By cowslayer4
#56452 This is a great server. The map is awesome the staff and players are so friendly me and my friends love going on this pixelmon server. Me and my friends have only been on for 1 day and we think its one of the best pixelmon servers we have ever gone on.