By xxGamex
#44567 Hey sav corey here as you know i record and live stream on your server and try my hardest to help the server <3 all the staff are sick in a good way :3 and the server never lags i get a constant 120fps when not recording and overall a amazing community i really hope the server gets bigger than it is and it always gets updated the ranks are fair and cheap so if you feel like joining this epic server and being in a video just stay awesome :)

By Berts122
#44630 Server Review:
Simply overall a great server.
Strict but fair Mods (the best kind) who are often online and help out providing you are not an idiot.
Pixelmon with bukkit.
Hardly any bugs.
Good grief protection.
Good gym leader system.
Clear server instructions/rules shown at spawn.
Contains a kanto map plus a wilderness map.
Tournaments happen fairly often.
Nice community.
I honestly can't think of any cons about this server :)
Review by Berts122
By hoff99
#44646 So I just wanted to write a review on this Amazing server.

Now on this server there is everything you could want from: friendly staff to gym leaders and amazing support from donators. I have played this server for a while now and im slowly becoming more and more addicted to it. I love playing on the server as every player is friendly kind and helpful, also the mod are very respecting player (I am trying to join there ranks :d) as they instantly drop what there are doing to come and help you out!. The server hold compitions every so offten to find the best pokemasters. The owner isn't gready with the donators money, rather then spending it on him-self he upgrades the server or keeps it running with the donations. The amount of dedication from the staff is unrealistic, the two that stand out the most to me is Handofnod3 and Volmise (Also amazing people not just in general but in pokemon research). Just to finish off my review I would like to say i can only see this server getting better and better in the futer.

Thanks for reading this

Written by hoff99 :D
By killawashere
#44714 I think this server is a great place for starters to pixelmon. I joined on the old server and it was laggy no doubt but it definitely was worth waiting for the new one to come up. I personally think savior is a great owner, we had a disagreement at first but i think we cleared things up all together. I don't want to become something amazing on the server, but i do hope to be on the server long enough to see how it turns out.

P.S. Savoir when you read this I want you to know you need to finish that syther I could not figure out what it was for the life of me. :)
By snoring snorlax
#45373 guys, if youre thinking about going on this server, dont. at first it is good, yes, all the staff apear to be nice and all, but after a while they all betray you. except for volmise. and maybe savior. everyone on here are dickheads(except for Volmise and Savior) and only think for themselves. no one cares if your stuff is stolen, people give away your stuff, they take your homes, plan to screw you over, all the while pretb. pretending to be your friends.(except for volmise and maybe savior. and bob. i forgot bob) so please dont go on this server if you want to stay happy. i went through all of this and am now really truly miserable. i lied, skipped homework, didnt study, got bad grades, all for this server. and look at me now. i am writing hate posts on their forum page and truly really miserable.
By RagingPickle1
#45791 Probably one of the FINEST Pixelmon servers out there. There is no lag, and I keep a steady FPS. Staff are great, and so are the players. This server is FUN. But I really do with there were towns or factions, either way i'll have to get used to the "golden shovel thingy".
By bboygray
#49336 wow... Just from the short time i've been on this server I already like it. The players and staff are friendly and I like the organization of everything. Thanks staff for setting up everything. :)