By savior67
Silverstream94 wrote:Sooo, I cant seem to connect to the new server. It keeps telling me 'Disconnected by server, Internal server error'

Is there anything I can do?

If it is still happening write a post under support on our forums and ill fix it

By MarioMan70
#42920 Giving this server a bump!

Have loved being here and since i've been here it's getting better and better! I recommend everyone give this a try! Staff and admins are excellent too along with "most" of the community. :3
By Summer0628
#43075 To the user who posted so badly about our owner, there are a few things wrong with your post. First off, he's not the only owner and if you were on for more that a few hours, you would know that because I am on everyday. Second, you can't blame the server, nonetheless the owner, for the mods glitches. If you did stay long term, you would know that he was able to make a temporary solution until the pixelmon people actually attempt to fix those issues. Everyone on the server understands that savior is the owner who works with plugins and mods, so half the time he is on, he is afk trying to fix server issues. That's what other staff is for. The owner isn't there to entertain you, and since we are a new server, we have issues to resolve. So if you think the owner is ignoring your issues, he's not. He's attempting to fix it for the whole of the server. But like I said, you didn't stay around 'long-term' so you would never see the strides we've made in our community. Have a nice day.
By sl4sh3r950
#44157 So I've played this server for... I can't even remember the day I joined it's felt like such a long time, but I've loved every minute of it! I would have to recommend you play this server since it thrives in:
Helping players along, answering any players questions despite the fact they could have been re-iterated so many times before.
Keeping a keen eye on who has caused problem on the server, and even taking the time to explain to whose don't understand, why each rule is there.
And finally, the dedication of the owners is tremendous, there's almost never a time when I don't see them either racing around to spruce up the map, or messing with the server behind the scenes, trying to find the best solution to the server's problems!

Don't believe me? See for yourself and enjoy ;)