By ApocolypticMew
#38390 i'd like to apply for elite 4

Maturity Level: 9/10
Age: 10 (soon to be 11)
What'd i do if i caught a greifer: i'd tell them to stop and if they didn't listen i'd report them or ban them if nessacary
E4 Type Preference: ice or psycic :twisted:
By Summer0628
#38395 I'm so glad everyone is posting comments and enjoying the server! However all of our gym positions are filled. Any elite 4 applications should be posted on the website (I will be creating a short quiz for the applicants). OUr website is Feel free to check it out!
By Wezurii
#39668 So this server is really great! Its really fun to have to go into the wilderness to collect resources to craft pokeballs, potions, healers, etc. You can even make your own town with your friends and build safely without fear of being grieved! You collect your pokemon, battle a very well oganized gym system and take on the elite 4!

Theres just oooooone problem with this server.

The owner is a joke

How the owner was able to make the server so great is beyond me. He straight up ignores users when they have an issue. How do you expect to host a quality server when you can't help your players out? Let me be clear here. We're not talking him ignoring people begging for free items and Pokémon, we're talking actual problems. All your Pokémon get glitched and disappear? Too bad. Can't help you unless you have a screenshot. Fair enough, what about just a hard reset or a new starter? NOPE. TOO BAD. Ignored. But he has no problem negotiating large donations in open chat.

If you want to play on a server long term stay away from here. Unless you want to remember to take a screen shot every five seconds in case of a rare bug that is not mentioned anywhere in the spawn/tutorial house. Or if you wanna' donate a lot.